Reportz VS Crystal

Why Reportz Is An All-Round Reporting Tool

If you are seeking a user-friendly yet versatile reporting tool, tailored to serve and meet the needs and requirements of the vast majority of clients and users coming from numerous different niches of the digital marketing world, we honestly believe Reportz is the optimal software for you.

When you take a closer look at both Crystal and Reportz, you will, even at first glance, see that our tool was specifically made as a client service and is best utilized to cater to digital marketing agencies, startups, and freelancers who take client reporting very seriously, while Crystal focuses more on reporting for personal projects. More importantly, Crystal creates their own metrics, which can be handy as well, but Reportz pulls the data directly from the source’s API, just like the majority of clients demand.

NOTE: Reportz also has quite an extensive roadmap! You can check it out HERE, and if you wish to make constructive suggestions regarding our tool, you can do it via our Facebook community where we discuss future plans and possible improvements.

We made Reportz a feature-packed and integration-rich platform designed with all levels of the digital marketing landscape in mind, with plenty of room for scalability and a plethora of useful features, integrations and reporting possibilities that are available to you from the moment you buy your first dashboard.

Our reporting tool lets you:

  • pay for as many dashboards as you want/need at any given moment
  • create as many widgets as you want within a single dashboard
  • customize your dashboards and widgets any way you want
  • use all our handy integrations right away
  • set custom dates within your dashboard
  • use our nifty white label option any way you (or your client) see fit…

Reportz is not an AI based reporting tool because our basic functionalities wouldn’t benefit much from this addition, and we would just lose out on potential clients who believe that AI is still not stable and reliable enough and that it can leave room for doubt when it comes to the accuracy and validity of metrics and data. This is why we have a keen team of real people behind our tool. Each and every Reportz team member is eager to help and take each and every suggestion and piece of feedback seriously and into consideration for further improvement of our tool.

Here you can see all the updates, improvements and fixes we carried out during the month of May – Overhauling: We’ve Made Some Crucial Updates and Fixes to Reportz During May.


Who Can Benefit From Using Reportz?

Large digital marketing companies

All big-league digital marketing players need an effective, reliable and intuitive reporting tool that is able to support and cater to as many clients as you want. Reportz can help you reduce hours, even days, of pulling data and assembling detailed reports to mere minutes and clicks with our useful dashboard and widget based reports.


Freelancers/smaller digital marketing agencies

Our tool offers extremely budget friendly pricing plans that allow you to scale the number of dashboards according to your current needs, which can be hugely beneficial to freelancers and companies that don’t (yet) have too many clients.


PPC/In-house SEOs/SEO resellers

With handy integrations like Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Rank Ranger, SEMrush, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Facebook Social, Salesflare, Serpstat (many more to come), and our handy White Label option, Reportz can be extremely beneficial for those coming from the SEO, social, PPC and similar niches.


What Makes Reportz Stand Out From Its Competitors?

Pricing – flexible pricing structure; scalability; all users gain access to all the useful features Reportz offers (including White Label) as soon as they buy their first dashboard

Customizable number of Dashboards and unlimited Widgets – you can add and remove dashboards on a monthly basis, according to your current needs and the number of clients

White Label – easy and free branding with our White Label option which lets you customize and brand your clients’ reports (clients can choose their own logo, color, and background)

Integrations – our integrations currently include: Ahrefs, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Rank Ranger, SEMrush, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Facebook Social, Salesflare, SERanking, Linkedin, Serpstat, Accuranker, Instagram… while our pipeline holds:
Twitter, WooCommerce… And many more to come.


Although Crystal is a fine piece of software that caters well to users as an analysis tool and can assist you with data analysis and predictions, we don’t actually look at this tool as a competitor to Reportz. We designed our tool as an all-round project/client reporting tool, while Crystal excels at other aspects of data analysis.

If you need a reporting tool that will help you deal with your clients much more easily and reduce the time spent on creating reports to mere minutes, we suggest you check out Reportz now!

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Crystal (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Price of under $10 and less per dashboard
  • Customizable number of dashboards
  • Fully customizable dates
  • SEO and PPC oriented integrations that our competitors neglected (Ahrefs, Rank Ranger, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, SEMrush, Serpstat)
  • Adding as many widgets as you need/want within one dashboard


Try out our tool for free now and instantly see how a feature-rich platform like Reportz can improve the overall quality of your reporting and eliminate all the pain from this mundane process!

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