Reportz VS Databox

As A Newcomer To The Reporting Dashboard Software Market, We Have To Work Twice As Hard

Depending on their reporting needs, the number of clients they’re servicing and metrics they need to track; the following groups might find that Reportz suits them better than Databox:

Freelance SEOs and smaller digital marketing agencies – While Databox does have a free version, it comes with serious limits when it comes to the number of dashboards (databoards in their terminology), users and data connections that it allows. Reportz doesn’t impose any similar limits, you can buy one dashboard, and get everything else without any extra charges.

In-house SEOs – Apart from the fact that all the benefits that freelance SEOs are getting are also relevant for you, there’s another important feature of our tool that you might find convenient. Namely, unlike Databox, Reportz refreshes data in real-time, making it a more suitable solution for digital marketers who need instant, accurate feedback on their campaigns.

SEO resellers – Databox only affords you company branding options with their priciest package. On the other hand, Reportz allows full white label customization, regardless of the number of dashboards you choose to purchase.


Pricing – Instead of making you buy a package with more dashboards than you need, just to get access to a specific feature you cannot go without; we are giving you a straightforward pricing system which allows you to only pay for what you are going to be using.

Customizable date ranges – While Databox offers a number of different predefined date ranges, there is no substitute for the complete freedom that Reportz offers. Choose absolutely any starting and end date, and get instant insight into your performance in that period.

Unlimited number of widgets – Even though Databox isn’t limiting the number of widgets in their dashboards, they do have limits on the number of data connections you can have.

Integrations – Databox has more of them, but if you rely on data from Rank Ranger, Serpstat, SE Ranking or Salesflare Reportz might be a better fit for you.

Free white label customization – From the very first dashboard you buy, Reportz allows you to add company branding or customize the URL you will be sharing with your clients.

Real-time data updates – Reportz registers changes in your metrics as soon as the connected data integrations do, ensuring that you always have the most accurate and current data possible.

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Databox (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Flexible pricing
  • Fully customizable dates
  • Free white label customization
  • Real-time data updates
  • Serpstat, Salesflare, SE Ranking and Rank Ranger integrations


Try out our tool for free now and instantly see how a feature-rich platform like Reportz can improve the overall quality of your reporting and eliminate all the pain from this mundane process!

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