Reportz VS Google Data Studio

The Benefits Of Specialization

Reportz is a high-end reporting tool specially designed to cater to the big shots of the digital marketing world. Tailored to serve marketers on basically all levels of the digital marketing landscape, our tool offers a myriad of features and opportunities to both small and big marketing companies, as well as aspiring freelancers.

Even at first glance, it becomes obvious that Reportz provides you with virtually endless possibilities the moment you buy your first dashboard. With our tool, you can:

  • add as many dashboards to your package as you want at any given moment
  • add an infinite number of widgets to a single dashboard
  • customize your dashboards any way you see fit
  • utilize all our nifty integrations (we have at least a dozen more in the pipeline)
  • set custom dates
  • rely on our White Label options for easier branding…


Freelancers and smaller digital marketing agencies – Reportz offers a handy pricing plan that allows you to scale your package according to the number of clients you have at any given moment, which is useful for those who do not want to pay for dashboards they don’t actually need.

Large digital marketing companies – for all those big-league players who seek an effective and intuitive reporting tool that doesn’t come with a steep learning curve and that can support as many clients as you want, Reportz is definitely the right platform for you. You can save hours, even days of hard and tedious reporting work with our useful dashboards and widgets.

In-house SEOs and SEO resellers – not only do we offer customizable dashboards and widgets, but our tool also allows you to utilize our white label options for free right from the start, which is extremely useful if you seek smart branding solutions for your reports. We also provide you with a number of popular SEO integrations and a handy referral program through which you can earn a lot of free dashboards.

Features That Make Reportz Stand Out From Its Competitors

Pricing – Reportz has a flexible pricing structure which allows you to have as many dashboards as you need, making it possible for you to scale according to the number of clients you currently have. Plus, all our users gain access to full software functionality as soon as they buy their first dashboard.

Unlimited Dashboards and Widgets – With Reportz you won’t have to calculate which pricing plan will work for you in the near future, as you will be able to add and remove the dashboards you are paying for on a monthly basis, according to the number of your clients.

White Label – Our tool offers a free white label option to all our users right off the bat as a rather handy way of branding your clients’ reports (client can choose their own logo, color, and background).

Integrations – Although Data Studio has a broader range of integrations, the ones we have decided to integrate provide our users with all the digital marketing KPIs one may need. Also, we offer some integrations they don’t that you might find useful. These include Ahrefs, Salesflare, and Rank Ranger.

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Google Data Studio (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Ahrefs, Salesflare and Rank Ranger integration
  • Unlimited number of widgets
  • White label features


Try out our tool for free now and instantly see how a feature-rich platform like Reportz can improve the overall quality of your reporting and eliminate all the pain from this mundane process!

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