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The Advantages Of Reportz

Comparison with Whatagraph
Reportz VS Whatagraph

If you are a digital marketing company that seeks the most optimal efficiency-to-cost ratio in a reporting tool, let us tell you why Reportz might be the best solution for you. Our reporting tool is a best-buy option in terms of what you get for your money, especially in the long run.

Should you decide to go with Reportz, you will be able to use all our integrations and rather handy features as soon as you create your initial dashboard. With respect to our competitors Whatagraph, we can proudly say that we provide better templates and have an overall better arsenal of useful integrations.

Aside from our 15 days free trial, Reportz offers a price of under $7 per dashboard, which is extremely handy in terms of scalability. Plus, our tool gives you the opportunity to customize the number of dashboards (you can add or remove dashboards whenever you see fit, depending on your current number of clients) along with the unlimited number of widgets.

One of the best options, however, is free customization and branding that is provided to all our users, regardless of the package they have chosen. This free white label program is what separates Reportz from most of our competitors.

Although Whatagraph pricing and packages may seem quite tempting, their offers are rather limited, especially when you take into consideration what you get for your money in terms of the number of dashboards and overall variety of integrations.

Useful Properties

Here are some of the most beneficial traits Reportz provides:

Pricing – Whatagraph doesn’t have a free trial, plus - our prices are more flexible and much more cost-effective when it comes to scalability and your current needs

Integrations – Reportz offers more of them, while we also have some crucial SEO integrations that Whatagraph simply neglected – SEMrush, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Rank Ranger...

Features - customizable dates, customizable number of dashboards, handy referral program, better templates

White label – free white label option for easy branding

Specialization – Since Reportz boasts a SEMrush integration, our tool is a much better solution for those who target PPC

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Whatagraph (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Customizable number of dashboards
  • Free trial
  • Free customization and branding
  • PPC specialization

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