Reportz VS Zoho Analytics

The vast majority of successful digital marketing companies, startups and freelancers have one quite annoying aspect of their work in common – assembling data and turning it into informative reports for their numerous clients. We say annoying because we know just how tedious and time-consuming this task can be, especially if you send out your reports on a monthly or weekly basis.

This is where reporting tools come in – to help you reduce the time required for this arduous task to mere minutes and clicks.

However, not all reporting tools are created equal. Both Zoho and Reportz are all-round, versatile, and user-friendly reporting and metric-tracking tools that are truly neck to neck at what they do, but each platform has its own advantages.

For those seeking:

  • Scalability
  • Affordability
  • Focus on niches like SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media
  • Free Whitelabel
  • User-friendliness
  • Unlimited features as soon as you buy your first dashboard
  • Live dashboards

… we heartily recommend Reportz as your reporting and metric-tracking tool of choice.


Business Model

What makes Reportz the best-buy solution on the market is the fact that all our customers gain instant and unlimited access to all the features our tool has to offer as soon as they buy their first dashboard.

Another great thing about our business model is that you are allowed to add as many dashboards as you need at that particular moment, AND you can also remove the dashboards you don’t need right now, which is extremely useful for scalability and prevents you from spending money on unnecessary dashboards. You can also add as many widgets as you want within one dashboard. Pretty neat.


Customizable dates, live dashboards, customizable number of dashboards and widgets, cool referral program (which lets you earn free dashboards), fully customizable dashboards, handy report templates, free whitelabel, unlimited number of widgets – all these features are available to you as soon as you start using Reportz.


Our competitor Zoho Analytics has a pretty neat arsenal of packages, ranging from €24 to €455 (at the time of writing), but Reportz offers a much more flexible and cost-effective pricing plan that is especially suitable for users who seek affordability and nuanced scalability. With us, you can purchase dashboards one by one at the cost of $10 or less per dashboard!


When it comes to our data sources, we like to focus on essential digital marketing niches like SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media… while still managing to keep our tool as versatile and multi-sided as possible. After all, you can’t spell resourceful without source, right?

Reportz currently offers some of the crucial SEO, PPC and social media integrations that Zoho Analytics doesn’t: SEMrush, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Rank Ranger, Google Search Console, Instagram, LinkedIn Social, Accuranker and SERanking.

White Label

Unlike our competitors over at Zoho, Reportz offers free white label branding options as soon as you come on board with us. Not too many reporting tools do this.

Reportz Community

We like to think of our clients as members of our community. We have our own Facebook community where you can join us, discuss our future plans and provide us with constructive suggestions so we can make Reportz an even better reporting tool in the near future.

We also offer a fully-featured 15-day free trial period for those who want to take Reportz for a spin first and see for themselves why our platform is the most efficient reporting tool in the price-range of $10 or less per dashboard.

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Zoho Analytics (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Price of $10 and less per dashboard
  • Fully customizable dates
  • Free white label option
  • Option to add as many widgets as you need/want within one dashboard
  • Integrations such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Rank Ranger, Google Search Console, Instagram, Linkedin Ads, Linkedin Social, Accuranker and SERanking
  • Facebook community where you can make suggestions on how we can improve our tool even more


Take our feature-rich reporting tool for a quick and free spin now and see for yourself how Reportz can bring back the forgotten joy of efficient client reporting!

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