Integration with AccuRanker

Monitor your Rankings, Keep an Eye on Competitors and Track the Performance of your Landing Pages from a Single Reportz Dashboard!

As a rank tracker of choice for many SEOs and digital marketers in general, AccuRanker is a welcome addition to our reporting software.

Integration with AccuRanker
Integration with AccuRanker

Even though Reportz can already boast a couple of integrations that deal with keyword performance and ranking, we don’t intend to stop adding tools of this type anytime soon. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Different SEOs are already using a range of different tools, and we don’t want to leave anyone at a disadvantage
  • Keyword related data is by no means perfectly reliable, regardless of the tool you are using. Two different tools will give you different search volume info, show you ranking in different positions for a particular keyword, or simply update their data with wildly differing frequency. The only way to ensure that you are as close to the truth as possible, is to use a range of different tools and compare their findings.
  • Some tools will provide data that others don’t but might be missing something that others do offer. Combining different integrations in Reportz ensures that you’ll have access to every bit of information you might need, regardless of the limits of particular ranking tools and their API.

Now imagine trying to extract and organize ranking data from two or more tools on a daily or weekly level; or try imagining what campaign performance monitoring would look like if you had to keep comparing data provided by different utilities (meaning it might be formatted differently, use different primary metrics, or work with different sets of keywords).

All of this can be avoided by connecting your AccuRanker to Reportz and creating a dashboard with the exact metrics you need, organized exactly as you want them.


So, what is it, in specific terms, that this integration allows you to do? Basically, to compress practically all the info you would be able to get directly from AccuRanker (apart from the information on competitors) into just three types of widgets in Reportz.

The first kind gives you domain-level data with days or months as the primary metric. This widget is roughly the equivalent of AccuRanker’s “Overview” with the difference of allowing you to specify exactly which metrics you want to show or hide. Depending on what you need the widget for, you could choose to include:

  • Winners – keywords climbing in rankings
  • Losers – keywords dropping in rankings
  • No movement keywords
  • Share of voice winners
  • Share of voice losers
  • Share of voice no movement keywords
  • Keywords in positions 1-3
  • Keywords in positions 4-10
  • Keywords in positions 11-20
  • Keywords in positions 21-50
  • Keywords in positions above 50
  • Unranked keywords
  • Total keywords
  • Share of voice
  • Average rank

It’s up to you if you want to create a table with all of the listed metrics for the specified period, or you want to focus on an individual segment and, for instance, create a comparison graph of your ranking distribution for positions up to 50.

The second option you have when creating a custom AccuRanker widget in Reportz is to view data with keywords as the primary dimension, in other words, to get the info you would otherwise only be able to find in AccuRanker’s “Keywords” tab. You can monitor their performance in terms of:

  • Share of voice
  • Rank
  • Search volume
  • Average CPC

Finally, you can also choose to use landing pages as a point of reference, with a very similar set of available metrics to what you can get for keywords:

  • Share of voice
  • Average rank
  • Search volume
  • Average CPC

Reportz allows you to add as many variations of these widgets to your dashboard as you may need; choose to hide or show individual metrics to ensure comprehensibility; compare performance of separate campaigns; or supplement the AccuRanker data with that obtained through other integrated sources.

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There is no reason to hypothesise about how convenient for reporting or performance analysis it might be to have a self-updating KPI dashboard with some or all of the data mentioned above, you can see for yourself by signing up for a trial account right now.

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