Integration with Ahrefs

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Integration with Ahrefs
Integration with Ahrefs

Reportz is an amazing white-label reporting software that integrates perfectly with all the best marketing utilities out there, including one of the most popular and versatile backlink checkers, Ahrefs. Our top-notch marketing solution makes it extremely easy for users to closely track their SEO performance from a single dashboard, explore all the important Ahrefs data down to the smallest details, and simultaneously transform it into clear and concise marketing reports.

Organic traffic research, rank checking, URL rating, domain rating, link data, top pages, referring pages, live index - these are just some of the key Ahrefs metrics you can easily follow, compare and study from a single marketing dashboard in Reportz.

Our reporting tool is here to help you quickly gather all your most important SEO-related data and display it in a way that makes it possible for you, your management or clients to easily see what needs to be done to significantly improve overall performance in that particular department.


Understanding the reasons behind a certain website’s position in Google’s search and what needs to be done in order to increase a brand’s visibility online is still something that confuses a lot of people. Especially those who don’t really have a lot of experience with running successful businesses online. If you, for example, work with clients who want to invest in SEO, but don’t really know anything about it - you’ll probably waste a ton of hours on producing compelling marketing reports that provide answers to every possible question.

That is, if you don’t use our reporting solution, of course.

Our amazing marketing tool is here to help you supercharge your reporting process and drastically speed up your client and management back-and-forth routine, by giving them clear answers to questions like:

  • What are the most profitable organic and paid keywords for our business?
  • In which keywords should we invest and why? What’s their estimated traffic?
  • Which keywords are we tracking? What’s their position?
  • Did we make any new links this month? If so, where and how?
  • Where and how are our competitors making links? How well do they rank in the SERPs compared to us?
  • Did we lose any links?
  • What is the most shared content about an XY topic?

The list is basically endless.

With Reportz, you can effortlessly provide answers to all these questions and complete extremely powerful, detailed and personalized marketing reports from zero in under 5 minutes. You can even automate that process and provide your regular clients with scheduled intelligent feedback, in just a couple of clicks.

Integration with Ahrefs

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