Integration with BASE.ME

Collect and Monitor the Status of Your Links From the Best SEO Tools in Reportz!

Create a Custom BASE.ME Dashboard to Group and Organize Your Entire Link Building Process From a Single Platform, In Real-Time!

Integration with BASE.ME
Integration with BASE.ME

Reportz is a true lifesaver for every digital business out there. Designed for creating, organizing and delivering impressive marketing reports to everyone who needs insightful data from you – Reportz is here to take your client and management communication to a whole new level!

Our tool integrates with almost every popular marketing utility out there, and that includes BASE.ME. This enables users to complete their entire reporting process from a single KPI dashboard, with just a couple of clicks.

This amazing marketing tool removes all the pain and mind-numbing work from you link management process, and allows you, as a user, to easily monitor and display the general status and health of your links, all in real-time.

Reportz takes a deep dive into some of the most important SEO metrics for newly-acquired links and helps you effortlessly and neatly organize your work by importance, clients or a number of other filters. This feature makes it super easy for you to keep a close eye on what has been done so far and what needs to be done in order to replicate successful processes and achieve better results in your future link building efforts.


Reporting plays a key role in marketing. It’s the heart and soul of every smart digital marketing strategy. This is especially true for SEO and link building. If you don’t closely track your efforts in this department and clearly communicate to your clients and management how certain investments are performing – you’ll probably have to waste tons and tons of additional hours on unnecessary meetings and calls with clients, explaining the origin of certain links and where they fit into your general strategy.

That, of course, won’t happen, if you start using Reportz.

By delivering concise and transparent documents to your management and clients, you’ll no longer have to waste your precious time on answering questions like:

  • Is this a follow or a nofollow link?
  • Has it been indexed yet?
  • Do we have any new prospects? Where can we see them?
  • Can we have another report, just for the links that have been created/modified in a specific date range?

The list goes on forever.

With Reportz, you can almost effortlessly provide answers to all these questions in a matter of seconds. Your management and clients will have all the feedback they could ever need from you at their fingertips. Our tool is here to elevate the quality of the whole reporting game and provide its users with the luxury of completing their entire workload in this department in 5 minutes, instead of 5 hours. Reportz also has the option of automated feedback for regular clients, so you no longer have to waste your valuable time month after month on creating the same documents, for the same client. Our software will do that for you!

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