Integration with Facebook Ads

An overview of Facebook you desperately needed!

Get valuable insights into your paid campaigns from one centralized dashboard. Stay on top of your digital marketing game!

Integration with Facebook Ads
Integration with Facebook Ads

If you are using Facebook Business Manager you’ve probably already experienced the true power of paid campaigns and boosted posts.

Every page like, every comment or share is an important part of your Facebook marketing funnel and you need to track it!

But sometimes this is easier said than done. You have to open each and every post and copy-paste the data if you want to compare it.

This usually results in thousands of open tabs and the whole process quickly becomes very sloppy.

Reportz will help you understand your top level metrics and gain a detailed insight into your campaigns.

You will be able to filter your insights by day, week or month depending on your particular needs. On top of that, Reportz will help you see all the critical information in real-time.

Centralize and easily analyze all your Facebook data in a single dashboard! Hand pick the metrics you care about.

Easily follow the number of impressions, Click Through Rate, reach, cost of your campaigns and more.

Bridge the gap between clients’ expectations and the results you deliver by reporting in a timely manner. Good reports establish accountability and this is exactly where our tool gets to shine.

Display the data you want with our fully customizable widgets.

In just a few clicks, you can track:

  • How many times someone conducted a desired type of action on your post?
  • How many individual users have clicked on your creative post/link? (Unique Clicks)
  • What is your Link Click-Through Rate? (CTR)
  • How many people acknowledged your content on Facebook? (Reach)
  • What is the visibility of your Facebook posts? (Impressions)
  • What is the number of your social clicks?

You can display and compare the data from the list above, plus much more, all in one place.

All you need to do is:

  • Choose the Facebook campaign you want to analyze
  • Choose the metric you want to display
  • Pick the most suitable chart type
  • Select the date range (fully customizable)

When you are done get a sharable link and make it completely clear what your clients are getting in return for their money!

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