Integration with Facebook Social

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Integration with Facebook Social
Facebook Social

If we are being honest, Facebook already provides you with an abundant amount of data. The quantity of data you can collect about your audience is almost unbelievable.

Number of engaged users, posts reach, audience demographic… It’s all there at your fingertips and you want to use these numbers in the best possible way.

The key problem is, how to track these metrics and how to get the best possible overview of all data?

That is why we created Reportz. Avoid the complex process of shuffling your campaign strategy between power editor, page posts and Facebook Business manager. This is time consuming and you can easily make mistakes.

Whether you need to relate the data from one campaign with that from another, or you need to compare metrics from different time periods, Reportz will help you.

Master your metrics! Collect all the information about your past and present Facebook campaigns in one dashboard!

In just a few clicks you can handpick the data you care about and create a real-time report for multiple clients.

Systematically organize your data and learn how to see the bigger picture with this effective reporting tool.

Compare your organic and paid impressions from different campaigns. Get a neat insight into your Facebook audience’s behaviour and much more.

Knowing your audience will help you make better, more informed decisions in your future campaigns.

Monitor the success of your Facebook campaigns by tracking:

  • Check-ins
  • Number of engaged users
  • Fan ads
  • Fan count
  • Mobile Check-ins
  • Page Impressions
  • Page Viral Impressions
  • Page Impressions (Organic)
  • Page Interactions
  • Stories about you
  • Custom (Month, age/gender, city, country, language, source, type, referral source, etc…)

You can display and compare the data from the list above, plus so much more, all in one place.

All you need to do is:

  • Choose the Facebook campaign you want to analyze
  • Choose the metric you want to display
  • Pick the most suitable chart type
  • Select the date range (fully customizable)

When you are done, get a sharable link and make it clear what your clients are getting in return for their money!

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