Integration with Mailchimp (Beta)

Connect Your Reportz Account With Your Favorite Email Marketing Platform!

Our data source integration - Mailchimp - enables Reportz users to connect their favorite reporting tool with their Mailchimp account. This allows them to pull valuable data from this marketing automation and email marketing service and add its metrics to their informative and data-packed dashboard-style reports.

Integration with Mailchimp (Beta)
Integration with Mailchimp (Beta)

It’s no secret that Mailchimp is among the most widely used email-based marketing tools. With over 15 million users (at the time of writing), this marketing automation platform has been one of the most requested data sources among Reportz users. This is why our team is happy to announce that you can now create vivid, engaging and KPI-packed marketing reports that contain your Mailchimp data as well! You can easily connect your Reportz account with Mailchimp and start showing great metrics to your respective clients – and you can do that in just several simple steps.


With the dynamic and highly-competitive digital marketing landscape, client satisfaction and effective outreach strategy have become the bread and butter of our industry. This is why digital marketers need a tool that will automate these processes and set them apart from direct competition, and that’s where Mailchimp steps in. 


With this useful data source integration, you as a Reportz user now have valuable insight into all relevant email marketing metrics and KPIs that can help you:


  • Better shape your email marketing campaigns
  • Automate reports for your clients and present them with a concise overview of your progress
  • Have a more granular insight into what works and what doesn’t with your email marketing strategies 
  • Faster achieve email marketing best practices 
  • Improve the overall progress of your campaigns


Those who use intuitive and effective reporting tools like Reportz and its Mailchimp integration are capable of accessing valuable email marketing data and properly streamlining their marketing workflow. This mitigates the need for the manual tracking and utilization of client information, therefore helping you save countless hours on a weekly basis. 


Regardless of whether you are an established enterprise-level company or an aspiring small business looking for growth opportunities, the process of client reporting is likely an integral part of your monthly or weekly workflow. Especially if you utilize email marketing as one of your outreach methods. This is where our high-end reporting tool and its Mailchimp integration come in, allowing you to have a clear overview of what needs to be improved with your email marketing campaigns. Reportz lets you track and report the following Mailchimp metrics:


  • Emails Sent
  • Members
  • Contacts
  • Unsubscribed
  • Cleared
  • Members Since Sent
  • Unsubbed Since Sent
  • Cleared Since Sent
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign last sent 
  • Average Sub Rate
  • Average Unsub Rate
  • Target Sub Rate
  • Open Rate 
  • Click Rate
  • Last Sub Date
  • Last Unsub Date
  • And Many More!


Mailchimp enables you to converge your audience data, marketing channels, and crucial campaign insights into a single platform and, in so doing, reach your marketing goals faster. After you’ve got the basics covered, Mailchimp is ready to support you through the entirety of your email marketing journey, while our integration with this tool allows you to find your preferred target audiences, get to know them better, and – ultimately – increase your conversion rates.


By utilizing Reportz, you can effortlessly track, analyze, display and deploy Mailchimp data, as well as create powerful, detailed, and personalized Mailchimp reports from scratch in under 3 minutes.

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