Integration with SE Ranking (BETA)

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Integration with SE Ranking
Integration with SE Ranking

It doesn’t matter which digital marketing niche your business belongs to, if you deal with clients, it usually means gathering valuable metrics and creating informative reports is among the vital aspects of your company and it should not be taken lightly.

We at Reportz know this all too well, which is why we decided to create an intuitive and user-friendly reporting tool that will be able to cater to your every customer-reporting need, especially if your company operates in the ever-changing and turbulent world of SEO.

Having this in mind, our integration with SE Ranking was a no-brainer.

Any successful company that specializes in SEO and/or PPC knows how paramount and valued CRM and data transparency are today. Current digital marketing landscape leaves no room for rookie mistakes, which means having a potent way of assembling pertinent SEO metrics and create detailed, interactive and informative real-time reports for your clients is a must.

The work you do for your customers is extremely valuable and you have to able to present it to them in a concise and descriptive way. Reportz is a simple piece of software (white label option included for free) that lets you do just that.


Finding the right keywords and using them properly is crucial for any digital marketing company. Investing wisely in SEO can either make or break your business. But just like having a potent SEO strategy, being able to bring your client reporting efforts to a higher level is also imperative. For many SEO companies, these two can’t go one without the other.

This is where our SE Ranking integration comes in.

With the SE Ranking integration within Reportz, you can provide your customers with valuable insights into their:

  • SEO rankings
  • 100% accurate keyword rankings
  • Keyword grouper metric
  • Daily/Monthly keyword rankings
  • Keyword performance...

...all this for 4 different search engines:

  • Google USA
  • Google United Kingdom
  • Google Mobile USA
  • Bing USA (English)

While the metrics you can choose to show include: Position, Price, Paid Position, Map Position.

Keeping track of your SEO efforts and closely analyzing your keyword strategies is the only way to glean precious insights into the overall performance of your landing pages and your content in general. Good SEO, inbound marketing, and competitor analysis are vital for your success.

This is why Reportz and SE Ranking joined forces - to provide you with a way to present your clients with informative and data-driven SEO-related reports, and to make sure you are no longer flooded by a myriad of (often quite annoying) rankings-related questions like:

  • How is my landing page performing this month?
  • Has ranking for XY keywords started?
  • How are we ranking for XY keyword?
  • What can we do to improve our organic traffic?
  • What’s the rank of our competitors?
  • What should we do to beat our competitors?
  • Which keywords exactly do our competitors rank for?

With Reportz and our SE Ranking integration, you will be able to have this precious data within reach at all times, and thus shape your SEO strategy the way you see fit!

Integration with Google Analytics

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