Integration with SEMRush

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Integration with SEMRush
Integration with SEMRush

Reportz plays well with almost every relevant marketing utility out there. Among other tools of this kind, our white-label reporting solution also integrates with SEMRush. This allows users to closely follow and analyze their SEO and marketing performance from a single dashboard, and easily mold their newly discovered insights into compelling reports that both improve processes and generate smarter, data-driven business strategies.

Keyword research, position tracking, technical SEO audits, competitor stalking and analysis, backlink audits and analytics - this is just some of the essential digital marketing and SEO-related data you can painlessly view, compare and delve into from a single real-time dashboard.

Reportz makes it possible for users to effortlessly group all their important data and manipulate it as needed, using custom data ranges. With this amazing marketing utility, as a user, you can, for example, analyze your latest SEO efforts and stack them up against those of your main competitors, in order to see what you need to do to beat them for the top positions in Google’s SERP.


Search engine optimization is a complex process that still tends to confuse a lot of businesses. Even though most today’s decision makers know that SEO is something they really need, a vast majority of them don’t really understand how this process works. Most of them don’t really know if they’re making progress or not. That’s why it’s imperative to invest in quality reporting.

If you present your clients and management with a data-driven document that clearly communicates how targeting the right keywords and increasing their brand visibility has helped their business rise above the competition and get the right type of audience to visit their site - the game will forever change in your favor.

However, even though quality reporting is essential to your success, it’s still known as an activity that tends to suck up a lot of your time. Creating compelling, data-driven documents requires time. More often than not, this means at least five hours each month.

Unless you have Reportz, of course.

Our tool is here to help significantly speed up your reporting process and present your clients and management with a clear overview of:

  • How your SEO efforts compare to your main competitors’.
  • Top performing keywords that drive the most traffic to a specific site.
  • Domains with a high number of common keywords that are often targeted by your competitors.
  • Keywords that generate the most leads or sales for a specific site, and how well are you ranking for them as opposed to your competitors.

Plus much more. The list goes on and on.

Regardless of what you sell or do, you always need to work on your SEO and marketing. Understanding your rankings in Google’s search and how to beat your competitors to the desired traffic can only help you move your or your client’s brand up the ladder.

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