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Reportz is a white label reporting solution designed with only three things in mind: to eliminate stress from the equations, significantly speed up the reporting process, and elevate the overall quality of it.

As an SEO company that services more than 200 clients each month, we constantly found ourselves in a position where we had to waste enormous amounts of our valuable time on client reporting.

Even though we have figured out a way on how to feed our clients with top-notch marketing reports, so they don’t have to call us up and ask what do certain things mean in our report, we still found ourselves in a situation where we were spending a lot of time on putting together spreadsheets and PPTs for everyone that was doing business with us.

Something needed to be done. We have tried every possible reporting tool out there, but none of them have proven themselves helpful. They were also missing some key features, like: custom date range settings, free customization and branding, flexible digital marketing KPI dashboards, unlimited number of widgets, specific tool integrations, etc.

That is when we have decided to create our own reporting tool. Our goal here is to allow everyone design compelling marketing reports that speak volumes to the clients in record time. Give Reportz a spin, we promise you that our utility makes quality reporting easy as pie!

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