Our Story

Reportz is a white label reporting solution designed with only three things in mind: to eliminate stress from the equation, significantly speed up the reporting process, and elevate overall quality. Created by Rad Basta and his Four Dots team of digital marketers and SEO specialists, this tool came into existence out of sheer need.

As an experienced SEO company that has been on the map for quite some time now and currently services around 200 clients worldwide, we were constantly finding ourselves wasting enormous amounts of our valuable time on client reporting. Our agency executives used to spend 5 hours on average per client on reporting every month. When you divide those numbers by the employee hourly rate, that sort of activity started to cost us a lot of money. And the worst of it all – it started taking up time that could be spent on doing actual work for the clients.

Four Dots Birthday

But this wasn’t just us. Every marketing agency and independent contractor was faced with the same problems.

Something needed to be done. We tried every possible reporting tool out there, but none of them proved helpful. They were also missing some key features, such as custom date range settings, free customization and branding, flexible digital marketing KPI dashboards, an unlimited number of widgets, specific tool integrations, etc.

That is when we decided to create our own reporting tool. As a team that already has lot of experience with tool development, we decided to make Reportz our third in-house product, right after Base.me and Dibz. Rad Basta worked tirelessly with our team of developers to create a bulletproof utility that makes quality marketing reports into a task can be done under 3 minutes. After months and months of regular testing and tweaking, our dreams have finally become a reality in 2017. Reportz is live and ready to use! So far, it has received a lot of positive feedback. The tool is meeting our every personal demand, and a lot of different companies have already expressed interest in trying out our tool. That’s why Reportz is now accessible to everyone who wants to raise their reporting game.

Our goal here is to enable everyone to design compelling marketing reports that speak volumes to the clients in record time.

Give Reportz a spin, we promise you that our utility makes quality reporting as easy as pie!