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If you are in any branch of a digital service industry, you will agree that reporting can be very stressful and can consume too much time, energy, and money, both for you and your clients, right?


Our in-house research shows that the average agency executive or account manager spends a shocking 5 or more hours per month on reporting and basic client servicing for a single client! Imagine all the things you could do with that time if you could save it!?


That is why we created Reportz, a simple, highly-intuitive white label reporting tool, designed with a focus on automation, real-time data access from multiple points and all-in-one integrations of marketing tools that enable you to create your report in under 3 minutes. Cool, right?

Interested in knowing how much time you are wasting on PPC and SEM reporting every month?


Hold the drama

Reportz is here to help you craft amazing PPC and SEM reports in under 3 minutes!


Let’s find out how much you currently spend on reporting each month.

Each dashboard saves you an average of 4 hours per month doing mind-numbing copy-pasting and other endless manual work.


Reporting is a complicated and exhausting process that tends to eat up enormous chunks of your limited time, when you do it one step and one client at a time.

With Reportz, you can cut that unnecessary clutter out of your day and free up your schedule for the work that you were actually hired to do in the first place!

It’s that simple!

No Copy-Pasting and Exporting/Importing - Reportz is Here to Do the Boring Work for You!

Our software integrates with all the top marketing tools and platforms. You can see some of them below. If one of your trusted sources isn’t on this list - feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to incorporate data from your favorite platform into our Reportz.

Currently available integrations:

Upcoming Integrations:

SE Ranking
Accu Ranker
Woo Commerce
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Automate Your Reporting

Paid marketing doesn’t just revolve around Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Every experienced marketer knows this. Retrieving all the data from every single one of the tools and networks you use can be a real pain, Transforming it into better ads and creatives is not a walk in the park either. If you don’t have Reportz, that is. Our tool makes it possible for users to link up all their favorite marketing sources in one place. You don’t have to look at different sources - Reportz will do all the data-fetching for you.

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Easily Track All Your Desired KPIs in Real-Time

CPC (cost-per-click), CTR (click-through-rate), CPA (cost-per-acquisition), impressions, conversions, conversion rates, ROI (return on investment), ROAS (return on ad spending), etc. - Reportz makes it easy for everyone to view, read and analyze different KPIs in separate widgets or dashboards, in real-time. You can either use one of our preset widgets or create your own - it all depends on your needs and preferences. The only thing that really matters is that you can see all your desired data in one, easily manageable report.

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An Open Platform with a Simple Design

Apart from making it possible to automate your reporting efforts, and integrate your favorite PPC and SEM tools into a single dashboard for easy tracking - Reportz also focuses on design. One of our major goals is to allow our users to present their complex data in a way that anyone can understand. We want to help you clearly communicate your progress and provide your clients and superiors with impressive reports, without wasting a massive amount of time on getting to know our platform and its key features.


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