Some of the cool companies which use reportz to save their precious time on reporting

Aaron Weller

Miss Amara

Did you know that the average agency spends 3-5 hours per month on every single client on reporting? It is a drain on time and energy which could better be used elsewhere.
Rad has done it with Reportz, and it is without a doubt the best reporting tool out there, when it comes to functionality, pricing flexibility, ease of use, and has by far the best support and educational service I have ever seen.
Reportz is the tool that saves both agencies and clients lots of precious time and money.

Hendrik Kruizinga


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
That is the quote that perfectly describes this tool.
Simple, friendly and yet effective and powerful, Reportz is the tool that every agency should use in order to automate reporting processes and make it easier both for them and their client. Testing and acquiring Reportz was one of the best decisions we made in near past.

Andrew Raso

Online Marketing Gurus

With more than 300 clients, we were drowning when it comes to reporting and client relationship. With Reportz, it takes us about 5 minutes to make a custom branded report sheet for our client. Also, the beauty of this tool is that the client can track the metrics 24/7 so there is no need for frequent business calls which can sometimes be hard, especially when you have worldwide clients from different time zones.