How to Connect your YouTube Channel to Reportz via Google Analytics (and Why)

accessing YouTube data in Reportz via Google Analytics

Tracking your YouTube metrics can be extremely beneficial, especially if YouTube is among the main platforms you use within your marketing campaign. The good news is that all Reportz users now have the opportunity to easily and very quickly link their YouTube channel to our reporting tool and start gleaning valuable video and audience analysis data.  

Using Google Analytics to connect your YouTube channel to Reportz can help you see the real picture of your channel’s performance, and can do wonders when it comes to collecting relevant YT data from your channel. GA’s YouTube Analytics interface is quite user-friendly and extremely handy to those seeking clean and detailed reports on:

  • Video engagement
  • Traffic
  • KPI
  • What exactly is bringing you viewers  
  • What exactly is bringing you subscribers…

This is a rather valuable way of keeping track of crucial YouTube metrics and keeping your clients well-informed about how exactly you are helping them reach their own target audience.

Having an honest and transparent relationship with your clients can indeed make or break your business, and that is exactly why our team at Reportz is working around the clock to provide our users with all the crucial integrations your digital marketing company may need.

Connecting your YouTube channel to Reportz and applying the right web analytics to your campaign will provide you with useful info on what drives traffic to your channel and what doesn’t, while it will also show you whether or not you need to invest a bit more time and money in your YouTube SEO tactics.

3 Main Benefits of Connecting your YouTube Channel to Google Analytics

Being a successful YouTuber user isn’t just about having the right content. It’s also about knowing what makes your content successful and why your audience likes certain videos better than others. This is where the data you can collect via our tool comes into play.

Here are some of the main benefits GA’s YouTube data can provide:

  1. Learn How Audiences Discover Your YouTube Channel

Your YT content will hopefully be shared via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, while it will also rank well in Google provided your videos have been properly optimized. By connecting YouTube analytics to Reportz via GA, you will be able to see what you are doing right for the videos that rank well, but also what you are doing wrong for the content that appears to be unsuccessful.

Seeing which platforms and traffic channels are sending visitors your way will give you the upper hand and provide you with more insight in how to trigger more people to discover your channel and – hopefully – subscribe.

  1. Learn How Engaging your YouTube Channel Really is

Once you know what drives audiences to your channel, it is time to learn what exactly keeps them engaged so you can apply those tactics to your future content.

  1. Learn What Type of Content Works Best for your Target Audience  

It is always useful (and fun) to see which videos are among the successful ones on your YouTube channel. Via Google Analytics, you will be able to see a lot of handy data related to your videos, with time on page and bounce rate being among the most relevant ones.

How to Connect your YouTube Channel with your Google Analytics Account in Reportz

1. First, you need to connect your YouTube Channel and your Google Analytics Account. Make sure you have valid YouTube credentials and admin level access to your Google Analytics account.

2. Go to the Admin section of your Google Analytics account. Select the Property and select the option to Create New Property.

how to create new property in Reportz

This should bring you to the New Property page where you must input the necessary information. Once you’re done, click Get Tracking ID and copy that ID so you can connect it to your YouTube account.
NOTE: this ID will always be available to you for later use in Property settings.

3. Input the GA Tracking ID into your YouTube account settings, log into your YouTube account, then go to the Creator Studio and find the Youtube Settings page.

accessing YouTube Settings page

Then go to additional features link.

how to view Additional Features

And in the Channel tab on the left, go to the Advanced option.

accessing advanced options

At the bottom of that page, you’ll find the Google Analytics property tracking ID field. Here you should paste your GA Tracking ID, click on Save button and that should be it 🙂

Now, when you go to your Reportz account and when you select Google Analytics source in your dashboard, you should see the new property from where you can now pull all kinds of data you want to track in Reportz.

selecting profile


Happy Reporting 🙂

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