‘The Trustmaker’ Is A Freemium Social Proof Tool That Will Quickly Boost Your Conversion Rates

Built with SaaS and E-Commerce businesses in mind, Cue is a social proof tool tailored to help both new and established organizations increase their conversion rates, mitigate ad campaign overhead costs, and build brand credibility 

Businesses that operate within the SaaS and E-Commerce niches know just how hard it can be to gain traction with a new product and/or service and get the ball rolling within the current digital marketing landscape. The competition can be dire, and even though you have a killer product and your traffic is solid, conversion rates and overall ROI often tend to remain quite unwilling to go up. 

Luckily, there’s a brand new social proof tool that can help you turn both organic and paid visits to your landing page into paying customers. The Trustmaker is a very user-friendly and affordable tool that is able to quickly help you with the following revenue-driving efforts:

  • Conversion Rate Boost – You can use Cue to build validation and trust around your brand, service and/or product(s), which almost always results in turning more page visitors into full-fledged clients. 
  • Improving Ad Campaign Effectiveness – Ad campaigns can often be quite expensive while yielding insufficient results. Cue is able to improve your advertising efforts and provide your potential clients one final nudge down your funnel. 
  • Build and Strengthen Credibility Within Your Client Base – Credibility is what drives both new and existing customers to become your regular users and stay with your product and/or service sometimes even for a lifetime. Positive user experience is what typically separates the men from the boys and makes a business truly successful. This drives the word-of-mouth type of advertising, which is quite possibly the best and most cost-effective type of marketing. 

How “Cue” Works

As we already mentioned, having solid paid and organic traffic is often not enough for your website visitors to morph from potential clients into paying customers. That final nudge is often quite elusive, which is why more and more companies started utilizing social proof tools like Cue as these simple software pieces work wonders in terms of generating revenue through the credibility-induced word-of-mouth advertising. 

What this tool actually does is showing your website visitors notifications about your brand new clients – info like how many new users signed up or made purchases within the last 7/30 day, where the users are from, etc – thus validating the quality of your product and/or service to your potential customers. 

Here are some screenshots to give an idea about what Cue does: 

Cue Example Screenshot | Reportz

Cue Example 2 Screenshot | Reportz

Cue Example Screenshot | Reportz

In order to obtain the data needed for these notifications, Cue needs to be connected to your Intercom or your custom data source – depending on your niche – and the tool then uses this information to assemble interactive notification bubbles that can speak volumes about your credibility through your freshly acquired leads, clients, and purchases. 

There are 3 versions of Cue notifications: 

  • Cue – shows individual, user-level information. For example: 

John from Miami created an account 4 hours ago.  

  • Hot Cue – shows how many users performed an activity within your website over the last 7 or 30 days. For example: 

33 users created an account in the last 7 days. Verified by Cue. 

  • Urgent Cue – is a highly customizable type of Cue notification that allows you to insert any data, content or action you want. For example: 

47 people are currently viewing this page.  

Regular Cues are typically displayed more often than Hot and Urgent Cues, and since you can choose the number of regular Cues after which Hot or Urgent Cues will be shown – you can find the sweet spot for all 3 notification types for your optimal Cue strategy. 

You can further tweak your Cues in terms of content it displays, the shape and the position, and the granularity of data shown:  

Settings Screenshot | Reportz

As you can see, info text has quite a few options for various actions performed by your users, but there’s also a very useful custom option for when you want to modify your Cues and insert custom info text that perhaps better suits your overall goal. 

Urgent Cue is a fully-customizable variation of Cue notifications driven by the notion of “fear of missing out” or FOMO. By creating these fully-customizable Cue notifications, you will be able to further enhance social proof signals and thus improve your overall conversion rates. With the optimized strategy and combination of regular, Hot, and Urgent Cues – businesses are able to come up with a highly-effective conversion-driven social proof strategy that can do wonders for your client-base growth efforts and thus help you grow as a brand more quickly.

Friendly Tip: This option is typically leveraged by newly-founded organizations that are yet to display their full potential and need some initial traction. 

Here’s an example of one of our Urgent Cues:

Urgen Cue Screenshot | Reportz

Client Testimonials

Regardless of the fact that the tool is a fairly fresh project developed by the Four Dots company, Cue managed to assemble a significant user base, so we decided to ask them to give us their two cents on how they like using Cue. Here’s what they had to say: 

Aaron Weller, owner at Lucid.com: 

“My marketing team wasn’t even aware we needed a tool like Cue. So far this simple software allowed us to improve our lead generation by circa 14%, which will definitely be projected onto our conversions. Looking forward to this month’s reports.”

John Blaese, product analyst: 

“A freemium tool that can kick your conversion rates through the roof? Of course I gave it a try. I’d be a fool not to.”

Daniel Smith, SaaS owner:

“As a SaaS developer, I always knew I could somehow leverage all the unused client data that we get through Intercom, but I never had enough time to really crack it. The team behind Cue did it, and they did it the right way. Turning data into insight and leads has always been the holy grail of online marketing. Cue managed to remove the “holy” part out of the equation.”

Closing Word 

The great thing about Cue is that it can be successfully used by both small businesses that are just launching their products/services, but also big organizations that already established their brand and have a huge clientele but are seeking new, affordable and user-friendly tools that can further improve their conversion rates.

Cue Social Proof Tool Free Trial | Cue

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