Our Automated Email Reporting System Is Now Live!

Automated Email Reporting System | Reportz

We have some great news for Reportz users who seek a way to further streamline their client reporting system via automated email reporting. 

The new automated email reporting option removes the often tedious and time-consuming process of manually sending reports to your clients, and does it by setting up your reporting dashboard so it is automatically sent to your client’s email on a weekly/monthly basis. 

Our automated email reports feature the White-Label option and can be used to send live dashboard links and/or hard-copies of your reports in PDF.     

But before we dive into the very process of setting it up, let’s go over some of the main advantages of this option. 

Benefits of Automated Email Reporting

Deploying a versatile and user-friendly reporting tool like Reportz is a huge advantage in and of itself, but having an opportunity to mitigate the task of perpetually sending those reports every week or month brings an even wider set of benefits:


You will spend less time dealing with reports. Once you and your client figure out which metrics and KPIs are to be included in the report, you set our automated email reporting settings the way you see fit, and you can cross this task off of your weekly/monthly workload. 

For example: if your client has their weekly meetings every Friday, you can set the predefined date range for this report so the dashboard is sent to them every Friday at 8:00. This way they have fresh data during each meeting. 

Higher Productivity & Creativity 

By automating your email reports, you can spend less time on menial tasks and have more room for creative aspects of your job. 

Less Room for Errors

Automated email reports eliminate any room for mistakes like forgetting to send a report to your client, sending wrong reports to your clients, including wrong metrics and KPIs in your reports, etc. Humans are faulty creatures and mistakes happen all the time. Not with report automation, though. 

Increased Transparency

When your clients receive automated reports via email, they are sure the data they are getting is legit and not tweaked. 

→ Better In-house Management

With Reportz, you can create your own inhouse reports to help your team better organize meetings and streamline workflows. 

For example: An agency can create inhouse dashboards as handy overviews of their clients, metrics, and KPIs that can provide valuable insights into their management, markets, current trends, etc. 

→ White-Label Branding

By setting up your own custom email (this procedure explained below) for automated email reporting, you can fortify the trust among your clients and build an even stronger brand.  

How to Set Up Automated Email Reporting in Reportz?

There are two ways you can use automated email reporting in Reportz:

  • You can send your clients’ dashboards from Reportz’ email address
  • You can bring your reporting game to an entirely new level by sending your reports automatically from your domain in a white-label manner!

The setup for the latter option is a bit techy and is covered in this help article, so we will now focus on the basic setup for automated email reporting. 

You can do this quickly by following these simple steps:

Step 1:

Click on the Share button in the upper-right corner of your screen, then click on Mail reporting

Automated Email Reporting System | Reportz

Step 2:

You will be prompted with a Settings window within which you need to configure the following parameters:

  • To whom you want your report to be sent (up to 5 different email addresses)
  • When you want it sent
  • What date range you want for the report
  • Whether or not you want to include a PDF of the report in the email as an attachment
  • Whether or not you want a preview of the email to be sent to you after you scheduled

Automated Email Reporting System | Reportz

NOTE: We strongly suggest you check out this handy help article where we explain all these configurations in more detail. 

Step 3:

Simply hit the SCHEDULE button, and you’re good to go!

It is important to add that Reportz users can always access their scheduled automated email reports in the Automatic Reports section located in account settings, as well as within the dashboards themselves under SCHEDULED AUTOMATIC REPORTS. See screenshot below:

Automated Email Reporting System | Reportz


Also, both admin and user-level accounts have the permission to schedule automatic reports, while only admins have the permission to delete (archive) any of the scheduled reports. Users can delete only their own automatic reports. 

Automated Email Reporting System | Reportz

Wrapping Up

We hope our new Automated Email Reporting feature will satisfy all your needs for this type of reporting and other automations. Should you have any questions, suggestions, or any other type of feedback, please feel free to contact us and the Reportz team will be happy to comply. 

Happy (automated) reporting!