Overhauling: We’ve Made Some Crucial Updates and Fixes to Reportz During May

updates and fixes we performed during May 2018

Much like your company is all about your clients and their satisfaction, we are all about you – our users. As you probably already know, Reportz was successfully featured on AppSumo several weeks ago and during this time we’ve gained thousands of users (over 5800 coupons sold via AppSumo) who found our reporting tool to be extremely useful and time-saving.

Now, when you have a tool that caters to this many customers who come from numerous different niches, making your software user-friendly to all of them is among your top priorities.

Our customer support was quite swamped during May, but we managed to stay on top of our game and resolve all the minor issues that surfaced during the AppSumo campaign. After all, (much like Shakira’s hips) our Intercom metrics don’t lie:

  • Median first response time is 7 minutes
  • Over 200 personal demo calls through which we help our users resolve problems one-on-one
  • Average happiness score (positive conversation rating) is 86%!

positive feedback percentage for Reportz customer support conversations

Plus, we have over 700 members in our Reportz Facebook community where we discuss various issues regarding our tool and where our users can make constructive suggestions related to future integration, updates, fixes… You can join Reportz Facebook community HERE.

All these customer support sessions happened for a good reason. You’ve given us a lot of input and a ton of valuable feedback that we were able to use and turn into multiple updates and fixes in order to make Reportz a better and more versatile reporting tool.

Below is a list of some of the most important updates we’ve made and some of the crucial fixes we’ve carried out during the past 5 weeks.


  • Improved onboarding page
    – According to the needs of our users, we’ve updated our onboarding flow. After the onboarding video, you can login and see an improved and more user-friendly onboarding page that will help you connect all the sources and create your first dashboard more easily.


  • Added Whitelabel logo for all the pages where it was missing (login, forgotten password) and removed the Intercom chat
    – When the user sets his/her custom domain on the login page, forgotten password page, or other similar pages, the logo that you’ve set on that custom domain will be shown whenever you access it directly via that specific custom domain.
    – We’ve removed the Intercom chat icon when the dashboard is being looked at via custom domain.
  • Added SSL support for Custom domains
    – We’ve added SSL support for custom domains which further improves the safety of all Reportz users.  
  • Removed login button from public single dashboard views
    – As requested by many Reportz users, we removed the Reportz login button from the public single dashboard view.  


  • Fixed the issue with Google Adwords accounts not showing up
  • Fixed the issue with Instagram accounts not showing up
  • Fixed highlights for day dimensions and metrics which are of average type
  • Fixed the issue with Google My Business properties not showing “City”
  • Fixed Gauge chart to support reversed number (when lower is better)
  • Added day dimension for Facebook Ads/Social and Instagram sources
    – Aside from the existing Month, we now added Year and Day dimension as well


  • Added all of the missing Facebook Ads action metrics
  • Added additional metrics for Google My Business source
  • Added German Google as Serpstat search engine
  • Added Video Performance Report for Google AdWords
    – We are continuously working on adding new metrics we track via Reportz. During May, we added the following: Facebook Ads action metrics, metrics for Google My Business source, German Google as Serpstat search engine, Video Performance Report for Google AdWords


  • Added Google Sheets source
    – We have added the coveted Google Sheets integration to Reportz (many more to come!)
  • YouTube Analytics via Google Analytics
    – Although YouTube hasn’t been added as a full-on integration just yet, you can use Google Analytics to display metrics from this platform. More info here: How to Connect your YouTube Channel to Reportz via Google Analytics


  • Added locality/currency based number formattings
    – Our widgets now show all the data (currency for instance) that is pulled directly from the sources in appropriate format according to your location
  • Added time format data formattings (seconds/milliseconds)
    – Widgets now show time in the “XXh YYm ZZs” format for more convenient overview and tracking of the metrics.
  • Improved time zone handling
    – Dashboards and Widgets no longer use UTC as the default timezone. They now automatically switch to the timezone of the person viewing the report.
  • Improved tables handling in generated PDFs
    – We’ve fixed the problem with table breaking in PDF reports so the tables no longer have those annoying horizontal scroll bars.
  • Improved many error strings to properly display the issue
    – Now, when the error occurs, the message no longer says “Data Error,” but gives you more detailed info on the actual issue.
  • Improved PDF generator/download flow and removed URL from the PDF
    – As requested by many Reportz users who use PDF format for their reporting, we’ve improved the process of downloading PDF files and removed the Reportz dashboard URL from the files


  • User can now delete his/her profile from edit profile page
    Account creator can now delete account and all data by clicking cancel account on the subscription settings page and checking Delete account checkbox on the pop-up
  • Creator can no longer create users but instead invite them (per GDPR)
  • Non-admin users can now add/edit/delete their own sources (visible to everyone on the account


  • Fixed issues with historic passive widgets
  • Various UI updates and fixes
  • Fixed some instances of wrong percentage data and their totals
  • Fixed errors which could occur if there are more than 120 widgets per dashboard
  • Fixed Salesflare account pulling bug
  • Fixed hidden columns for AdWords widgets not being applied

But this is not where we stop with the improvements and updates. There are some big plans for the future as business development and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Some of the activities that we’ve already started working on include:

  • Various webinars every 2 weeks (accompanied by special guests from the industry)
  • New templates for specific niches
  • Cool affiliate system
  • Many new integrations to come

Our team hopes you find these Reportz updates and fixes as beneficial as we have. Should you think there’s something we failed to mention or cover, feel free to leave a comment or contact us via the following email: [email protected]

The entire Reportz team is grateful for all the constructive feedback you’ve given us so far, and we encourage you to continue to provide us with more useful suggestions so we can make our reporting tool more user-friendly, more intuitive and more versatile.   

Stay tuned for more upcoming and exciting news about our platform.

Reportz – we make reporting great again!