Gain Valuable SEO Insight with Reportz’ Brand New Feature: Mission Control

Gain Valuable SEO Insight with: Mission Control | Reportz

As Reportz is a metrics-tracking and automated-reporting tool made by an SEO agency, it is only natural that we are doing our best to help the users better understand SEO-based metrics within a reporting environment and thus assist them in improving the performance of their website(s). 

In an attempt to do just that, our team realized that Reportz users can be provided with a quick overview of SEO-based metrics from their website(s) in a single notification. 

This brand new feature is called Mission Control

Mission Control allows you to receive notifications (either via Slack, email, or both) whenever there’s a sudden drop or spike in the metrics you’ve chosen to track for your domains.

Quick example: you can set up this feature to alert you if your Organic Traffic drops by 15% within the last 30 days. You can customize which metrics should trigger the alert, and choose the percentage threshold for each metric separately. 

Which SEO Insights Does Mission Control Provide?

Your business and your website are living, breathing organisms. In order to survive and evolve, they need constant monitoring and frequent tweaks. However, without proper insight into what needs to be tweaked and why, you will only be shooting in the dark, hoping the adjustments you make actually gain traction and make a difference. 

To mitigate this scenario, website owners should be capable of making data-driven decisions in terms of what needs to be changed in their SEO strategy and why. Only then will their pages perform better and generate more revenue. 

Here are some of the SEO-based insights Mission Control is able to give all Reportz users: 

1. Negative SEO Discovery & Reaction

Making sure your website isn’t deploying any bad SEO practices is just as important as ensuring you’re using best SEO practices. Mission Control allows you to get alerts whenever there’s an unnatural spike in your backlink numbers, so you can analyze and disavow them before you get a Google penalty. 

2. Algorithmic Penalties; Main Google Algorithm Traffic, Clicks & Impressions Drop

Any sudden drop in SEO KPIs is a sign that something potentially went wrong with your site performance. Mission Control will notify you of any metrics drop in your SEO statistics. 

3. Competitor Link Building Alerts 

A big part of staying ahead of your competition is keeping track of their actions and strategies. With Mission Control, you can get an overview of multiple competitors and get notified when they crank up their link building efforts. 

4. General SEO Metrics Tracking with 7 and 30-day Changes

Having a clean and insightful overview of your general SEO metrics is crucial for improving your websites’ performance. With Mission Control, you can track the KPIs for all your websites on one page. 

5. Email & Slack Alerts 

Get handy notifications for any sudden or unexpected drop or increase of your SEO KPIs, metrics, and goals

How to Activate Mission Control in Reportz 

You can set up this feature in just several easy steps:

Step 1: Go to the Mission Control icon located on the left-hand side menu in Reportz.

Step 2: Click on Create Group (to create your first group of domains).

Step 3: Name your group of domains.

Step 4: Set up where you want to receive the alerts for the potential changes in the metrics for your domains.

Step 5: Select the metrics to track for your group. 

Step 6: Set the threshold for each metric. Thresholds represent the percentage of change in numbers after which the alert is triggered and sent to you.

mission Control setup | Reportz

Step 7: Hit the Create button located at the bottom of this menu. 

Step 8: Once you’ve created your group, it is time to assign domains to it by clicking on the Add Domain button located in the upper right corner of your group. You can toggle between the last 7 or last 30 days range for your metrics by clicking on the switch. 

Mission Control setup | Reportz

Step 9: Input the necessary information in the Add Domain form shown in the screenshot below. Note that the second field – Dashboard URL – is optional, as we’ve added it so you can quickly access your Reportz dashboard (or your Google Analytics account for that matter) that has more information regarding your domain.

Mission Control setup | Reportz

You can add as many domains as you want to the group you have created, as well as edit your settings any time you want via General & Style and Metrics & Thresholds sections located on the right-hand side below the Add Domain button. 

mission Control setup | Reportz

In the General & Style settings of your Group, you can rename your group and change the recipient email address as well as the Slack Webhook.

In the Metrics & Thresholds section, you can change which metrics do you want to track and the threshold for each metric you’ve added to the group.

Which Metrics Does Mission Control Track?

Currently, Reportz users can track valuable KPIs coming from Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. 


  • Domain Rating
  • Referring Domains

Google Search Console:

  • Click-through rate
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Position

Google Analytics:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Average Time on Site
  • Transactions
  • Revenue
  • E-commerce conversion rate

Note: more metrics will soon be available for this feature. Scroll down to the concluding paragraph to see how you can influence which metrics we’ll be adding.  

The Result

Once you set all the parameters, domains and other settings, here’s what a Mission Control report for the changes in metrics looks like:

Mission Control report statistics | Reportz

As you can see, the drops in metrics are expressed in red percentages, while the positive spikes are showed in green. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you will find the new Reportz feature – Mission Control – as useful as we (and most of our users) have. As we mentioned earlier, we value your feedback so let us know which metrics you would prefer to be added to Mission Control in the future! You can vote via our FB community poll through this link.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Reportz team. 

As always, happy reporting! 

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