Serpstat and Reportz Integration: How To Automate Your Client Reporting

Reporting tool Serpstat integration | ReportzWhen you are working with clients, you have to be forthcoming and open.
Client-agency relationships can be very demanding and it’s up to you to maintain balance and provide for the client’s needs.

Doesn’t matter if you are a big digital agency or an in-house marketer, reporting is an inevitable part of the job. It’s not always easy to explain your achievements to challenging clients.

You need to prove your worth again and again and this can be exhausting.

The first day of every month can soon become very stressful if you don’t have a clear reporting strategy. It quickly turns into the same routine every month.

You spend an abundant amount of your time downloading data from various platforms.
Then you have to import that data to Excel, create charts and analyze them, so your clients can better understand the key takeaways. Or maybe you even copy-paste screenshots into Word and write detailed explanations for every screenshot. In the end, you have to format the whole report so it is perfectly clear, while aesthetically pleasing.  

The key problem is that this process takes too much time! And before you know it, you notice that it’s taking up the hours and focus you need for more important activities like real analysis and getting valuable insights from your campaigns.

If you wish to secure high-paying clients you have to create high quality, detailed and professional reports. And this will take a lot of your time if you are doing it manually for every client.

That is why we have created this neat Reportz – Serpstat integration that will allow you to easily monitor, filter and report data to your clients whenever you want!

Serpstat – all in one SEO tool your agency is missing!

Serpstat is an amazing tool that will help you leverage your competitors’ experience.
Regardless of whether you are dealing with SEO, PPC, Search Analytics, Marketing or Content      Marketing – this tool will assist you:

  • Attract leads through organic and paid search
  • Track your main competitors and improve your content
  • Upgrade your SEO and PPC efforts

Why is Serpstat so unique?

  • Serpstat doesn’t just track positions of a single domain, it monitors all 100 positions for your chosen keyword.
  • Serpstat saves the top 100 positions for every monitored keyword. That means if you select a keyword and a region that has been monitored before, you will get full access to the data gathered by users who tracked those keywords previously.
  • You are able to track market share distribution. Serpstat created an algorithm that enables you to see how large of a market share every domain from the top 100 holds in different niches

Reportz – Serpstat integration available metrics:

Reporting tool Serpstat integration | Reportz

If you want to monitor the health of your website, this integration is perfect for you.
Reportz – Serpstat integration is easy to set up, and will provide you with all the domain info you might need.

To add widgets, with the data you are interested in, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose Serpstat as your data source
  2. Add the domain you want to analyze, and choose the report type – domain info, domain history or domain keywords
  3. Choose the relevant search engine
  4. Customize the widget by giving it a name and a description; choosing its size and layout, and deciding if there are any related metrics that you are not interested in seeing in the widget.

Serpstat widgets | Reportz

 1. Domain info

Serptstat – Reportz integration allows you to see the number of keywords a domain uses in SEO and PPC, it shows its online visibility and other metrics.

You are going to be able to track various metrics like:

  • Site visibility
  • The number of keywords found in the chosen search engine
  • Estimated traffic based on keyword positions and search volume
  • Current visibility, keywords, and traffic verification date
  • Number of keywords in PPC
  • Number of PPC ads
  • History of change in PPC ads

And much more

Serpstat domain info | Reportz

2. Domain history

This report provides you with the historical data on a domain’s number of keywords and visibility.

Now you can easily keep track of data like:

  • The number of Ads as of “date”
  • Number of keywords in Ads
  • Number of new keywords
  • Number of keywords which were lost by a domain in the last N-days
  • Number of domain’s keywords which positions have improved over the last N-days
  • Number of domain’s keywords which positions have dropped over the last N-days
  • Approximate organic traffic prognosis
  • API limits remaining

And a lot more…

Serpstat domain history | Reportz

3. Domain keywords

This report shows keywords a domain ranks for in Google top 100 search results.

If you want your website to perform you need to know how to properly use pagination in SEO.

With Reportz – Serpstat integration you can choose from the following parameters for pagination:

  • Page size: number of results per page (default: 100, max: 1000)
  • Page: page number (set to the 1st page by default)

You can use various parameters to filter the results like: Min/Max CPC, Min/Max level of competition, keywords, URL, etc.

Serpstat domain keyword | Reportz

Reportz – Get the most out of automated reporting!

So how does this integration work?

Thanks to Serpstat – Reportz integration you are going to be able to create customized dashboards that will automatically collect data from your Serpstat campaigns.

With a tool like Reportz, you can design a report once and save it as a template. Once saved, you can redesign the report and alter it when needed to meet the changing needs of the business.  

Build a better relationship with clients – Confidentiality in these relationships often boils down to problems with trust and transparency. Show your clients how their money is being spent and what they’re getting in return!

For example, if you run PPC campaigns for someone – weekly reporting is more suitable than monthly reporting. Instead of wasting time every week on creating the perfect report you are going to be able to simply configure your report, get a shareable link and relax.

Reportz gives you a way to create ever-accessible, real-time automated dashboards you can share with your clients.

Do you want to try it out with your Serpstat account? You can do this in just a few clicks. Register for a free 45 days trial period of Reportz and see for yourself!