How Tailor-made Icons Streamlined UX and Helped Build a Recognizable Brand


When you want to release a new tool into a competitive market, you need to have a strategy in place aimed at highlighting its qualities that trump all else. 

Thanks to Infostarters’ support, Reportz had the necessary fuel to build a sturdy foundation and set a marketing strategy in place that allowed us to aim high. Working in the digital field for so many years, it was clear from the start that all fronts needed to be covered to ensure Reportz’ road to success is as short as possible. This included literally everything – from building a website enriched with optimized, quality content, to link building, social media, and email marketing. 

But most of all, Infostarters helped create a recognizable visual identity by delivering 2 sets with more than 20 web icons for the Reportz website. Everything we did was with one goal in mind: to get as many users as possible for Reportz – and tailor-made icons assisted us in this endeavor. 


Infostarters Reportz Project

Why are icons so important?

We’ve heard many times before – people are visual beings and process visual information much better and faster than textual. They help a UI designer to obey the three main points of his mission: 

  • To be organized by designing a simple solution and send a consistent message across all platforms;
  • To be economical and convey the message as directly as possible;
  • To communicate clearly through visuals;

Icons are proclaimed the modern-age hieroglyphics. But unlike the ancient scriptures – anyone can read icons. They help overcome the demographics and language barrier, providing precise explanation even for the users who are not that “digital” or proficient in English (of course, with the exception of icons made up entirely of words).  

Benefits for Reportz

Once we decided on the final website layout and produced thoughtfully-optimized content, it was evident that there were still some gaps that needed to be filled. Consultations with Infostarters helped us decide on additional visual elements that would only further aid our marketing efforts. And icons package we got helped us build:

  • A recognizable brand

Custom-designed icons were designed in line with the predefined visual identity in terms of technique and colors used. To achieve uniqueness and ensure instant brand recognition, creating branded icons takes a lot of research, planning, and creativity – precisely what we got from Infostarters. 

The designer coped with a challenging task at hand: creating a one-of-a-kind icon without over-designing it to the point where it becomes incomprehensible. The result? Familiar visuals spruced up using brand colors and a few distinctive elements. 


  • An easy-to-understand interface

In the world of IT, icons help users navigate software and websites more easily. When used correctly, they improve the overall design and navigability. Most broadly said – icons do anything for the user: help, support, simplify, clarify, encourage, and engage.   

We would still like to point out that in order to ensure that people fully understand the message conveyed by the icon, the majority of our icons are accompanied by textual info. Although the idea is to get the gist at a glance, those who wish to know more or need additional explanation can skim through content. 

Design workflow

Like we already said in the beginning, Reportz icons were designed by a talented Infostarters team who combined their creativity with theoretical knowledge of (digital) marketing to come up with the perfect visual concept.   

Though they look simple, icons take a lot of time and effort to create – at least if you want them to send the right message. After the brainstorming session, we agreed on the basic concepts we wanted to illustrate and decided to go with the vector format. Why? Well, even though vector graphics come with a range of benefits, we used them because they are:

  • small and thus suitable for the digital format. Namely, as icons are created to enable speedier interaction, to achieve this mission, the loading speed has to be considered as well. Basically, vector graphics allowed us to enable a seamless UX.  
  • scalable and can be used across all channels, print and digital. Vector icons are flexible and can be enlarged without distorting them, which meant that we can use Reportz tailor-made icons for all our marketing materials. 

Want to achieve the same for your business?

We would definitely recommend Infostarters to anyone who is looking for a creative solution for their website. Their ordering system is simple and design packages can be custom-created to meet specific needs. If you are unsure what you need, their professional team will advise you on the best approach and most appropriate content and design solution to complement your marketing strategy.