Updates and Fixes we’ve Made to Reportz Over the Last Several Months

Every great chef knows that real cooking begins only when you discover there are stove heat values between 1 and 10 and that cooking to perfection takes time. Driven by this notion, our Reportz team has been patiently working on the suggestions our respected users have made over the past several months in an attempt to make all the necessary improvements to our reporting and metrics-tracking tool and thus make it even more potent and robust.

We’ve been listening closely to the valuable input our users have provided via Reportz Facebook community, as well as through our customer support channels, and your great ideas and proposals have motivated us yet again to work hard and make some crucial updates, tweaks and fixes that will help Reportz perform better from here on out.

From various new integrations that we added, to chart library updates and stability/speed upgrades, here’s the list of all the improvements we’ve made to Reportz over the last 4 months:

New Integrations/Sources

It is difficult to imagine any SEO and/or PPC oriented digital marketing company doing what they do best without having an insight into valuable data that can be collected through platforms like LinkedIn, AccuRanker and SE Ranking. Having this in mind, joining forces with these three giants was a no brainer.

To find out more about these Reportz integrations, visit the following pages:

But, this is not where we are planning to stop when adding new sources is concerned, as we have more integrations currently in our pipeline, including WooCommerce as one of the most expected ones.

Crucial Updates of Existing Integrations

Of course, adding new sources is not the only thing we’ve been focusing on. After chatting with some of our users, we realized there were certain tweaks to be made to our existing integrations, namely Instagram and Google Sheets.  

  • All Instagram accounts are now visible to everyone after we’ve been approved to show manage_pages permission metric.
  • Google Sheet Integration has been updated so you can now show custom date range metrics. Read more about Google Sheet custom date range here.

Updated and Upgraded Chart and Widget Options

We know there’s always room for improvement when it comes to our app’s widgets, dashboards and charts, which is why we’ve dedicated most of our time making this aspect of our tool better.

Some of the most pertinent upgrades we’ve made include:

  • We’ve added the Copy Widget command so now you can easily copy any existing widget within your dashboards.
  • We’ve updated our charts library to a newer and faster version (with additional customizations coming very soon).
  • We’ve updated the drag/reorder experience within our dashboards so you should find the act of rearranging your widgets much more fluid and intuitive now.
  • Added show chart grid for line and bar charts.
  • Added the option to hide comparisons below chart widgets.
  • Added the Archive Dashboard option within the dashboard edit mode.
  • You can now add passive widgets to today tab.

Overall Faster Experience

Since time equals money, we worked hard on making our tool faster and more responsive. To do this, we had to reduce the dashboard in-browser memory consumption and make chart rendering and loading much faster.

Metrics and Stability Updates and Bug Fixes

Much like any other software, app, person or entity out there, our metrics-tracking and reporting tool is not perfect. However, striving for perfection, though unattainable, is a process that should keep any of us going in this perfectionless world. This is why we never resort to using proverbial fig leaves and always seek to track down and locate any bugs that are hindering Reportz in the pursuit of that elusive perfection.

This time around, we’ve managed to fix a number of errors/bugs, added new metrics/dimensions including Facebook Ads Reach, Facebook Ads Campaign (Campaign name) i Facebook Ads (Ad name), and made numerous crucial under-the-hood updates that rendered our tool more:

  • Stable
  • Accurate
  • Reliable


Naturally, our journey is far from over, so stay tuned for upcoming integrations and more Reportz updates that lay ahead, and never stop sending us your valuable feedback. We simply wouldn’t have come this far without you and your suggestions.   

Happy reporting and belated holidays!