General Website Traffic Report Template

To use this template go to your Dashboards page and click Create Dashboard.

Use this template to get insights into overall website performance and see a bigger picture regarding your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Next, name your dashboard – we recommend using these name types “Client Name Report” or “Client Name”.

Click on Start from Template.

traffic reports

From the General Reports segment select General Website Traffic Report and click on the Create button.reporting traffic

When the process of creating a template is finished you will have to connect your data sources.

First of all, connect your Google Analytics account by clicking on any GA widget that has “Set Data” on it.

If you don’t have any Google Analytics accounts connected, add one by clicking on the + button or on the hyperlinked “here” text.

tracking google analytic traffic

Select the Account which you’ve connected.

Select the Property.

Select the Profile (View).

It should look something like this.

website traffic report

Click on the Update button and all of the Google Analytics widget will be automatically updated.

Scroll over to the widgets from Google Search Console.

traffic website reporting

Click on Set Data.

If you don’t have any Google Search Console accounts connected, add one by clicking on the + button or on the hyperlinked “here” text.

website tracking reports

Insert Custom Account Name (this isn’t really crucial for the process) just name it something like “Google Search Console Client Name” and click Submit.

After connecting your Google Search Console account select that Custom Account Name you’ve added previously.

Select the Property & click on Update.

After connecting your sources we recommend adding your own logo as well as your client’s.

And don’t forget to delete the first explainer widget! 🙂

traffic dashboard template


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