Reportz VS Agency Analytics

Find Out What Sets Our Reporting Software Apart From The Competitors

Why is Reportz better than Agency Analytics if you’re a:

Freelance digital marketer – You don’t need dozens of dashboards, but you want all the advanced tool features? Reportz comes with full functionality even if you only pay for a couple of dashboards.

Outsourcing or outsourced SEO agency – Free white label customization options that come with Reportz allow you to completely erase our branding from the finished reports, and replace it with yours, or your client’s; Agency Analytics offers the same level of customization only with their more expensive packages.

Comprehensive digital marketing services providers – unlike Agency Analytics, Reportz allows you to display multiple widgets from the same integrated data sources, but from different accounts i.e. for different clients. That is to say, if you want to create dashboards for client comparison or campaign tracking, Reportz is the tool you need.


If you didn’t find yourself in any of the mentioned groups, take a look at the list of features that Reportz can boast, but which are not available in Agency Analytics:

Pricing – Reportz has a more flexible plan, where you pay per individual dashboard; can buy as few as you need; and get full tool functionality even with the cheapest possible package, which means that you’ll never have to pay for dashboards you don’t need just to get access to a particular feature. Also, unlike Agency Analytics, we have no limits when it comes to the number of keywords you can track rankings for or site pages you can audit.

Integrations – Never a black or white area, some might find our set of data source integrations preferable to that of Agency Analytics, others may not. While they do allow you to connect with some data sources we don’t have available, we are sure that some of you would find our offer more suitable for your specific needs. Some of the useful integrations that you can find in Reportz but not in Agency Analytics include Rank Ranger and Serpstat.

White-label options – While some Agency Analytics packages do come with free white label customization, Reportz not only offers this freedom to all our users, we allow you to add a unique client/company logo to each individual dashboard, while Agency Analytics only allows for one client logo per account (except with their most expensive package).

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Agency Analytics (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Flexible pricing
  • Free white label with all packages
  • Serpstat and Rank Ranger integration
  • Dashboard specific customer logo with all plans


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