Reportz VS Dashthis

How Our KPI Dashboard Utility Compares To Dashthis

Comparison with Dashthis
Reportz VS Dashthis

Who will find Reportz to be better than Dashthis?

Freelance SEOs or digital marketers - you can buy exactly as many dashboards as you need; get access to all the features regardless of the number of dashboards you are paying for; free white label customization; lower price per dashboard; referral program - get Reportz digital marketing dashboards for free;

Full-service digital marketing agencies - the wider your scope of services, the more you’ll benefit from the fact that we allow you to have an unlimited number of widgets in a single dashboard; choose custom date ranges; and easily increase or decrease the number of dashboards you are paying for depending on the dynamics within your client base

PPC experts - Despite their enviable number of integrations, Dashthis doesn’t allow you to draw your data from Rank Ranger, and more importantly, SEMrush, while Reportz does.

Features That Reportz Offers That Cannot Be Found in Dashthis

Pricing - Our pricing model is much more straightforward, allowing you to purchase exactly as many dashboards as you need, and easily change that amount whenever you want

Unlimited number of widgets per dashboard - Dashthis limits this number to 50. While that may be enough for some campaigns, we know you might need more.

Completely customizable date ranges - In digital marketing, changes don’t happen on weekly or monthly basis, they happen every day. Unlike Dashthis, Reportz allow you to choose any starting and ending dates when specifying the period you want to observe, allowing for a much more detailed insight into your campaigns.

Free white label options - Not only do we offer everything Dashthis is providing you with, we are offering all these options for free.

More flexibility with data sources - Reportz allows you to populate a single dashboard with several widgets from the same data source, which are tracking different assets. This is something you can’t do in Dashthis, i.e. if you want two or more, for instance, Google Analytics widgets, they all need to draw data from the same account

Integrations - Sure, they do have more of them, but we have Serpstat and Rank Ranger

Referral program - get Reportz dashboards for free by recommending us to your friends or colleagues. As far as we know, Dashthis doesn’t have a similar option

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Dashthis (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Flexible pricing
  • Free white label options
  • Serpstat, Rank Ranger integration
  • Dashboard specific, instead of account-wide customer logo
  • Referral program
  • Custom date ranges
  • Unlimited widgets per dashboard

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