Reportz VS Klipfolio

The Benefits Of Specialization

Tailored for digital marketing campaign tracking and automated reporting, Reportz doesn’t offer as many integrations as Klipfolio, but every feature and data source that we do have is there because it is essential. This makes Reportz superior to Klipfolio if you are:

Smaller SEO agency, or a freelancer – Our pricing structure is much friendlier towards smaller enterprises than that of Klipfolio, as we offer full software functionality, regardless of the number of dashboards you are paying for

SEO resellers – not only do we offer free white label services, unlike Klipfolio, we also allow you to customize each dashboard individually with your client’s branding, which is something that our competitor doesn’t support

Larger digital marketing agencies that want an effective reporting solution that doesn’t come with a steep learning curve – Reportz is intuitive and straightforward. While it provides you with all the features you might need from a dashboard reporting solution, your employees won’t have to spend weeks on getting familiar with how it works

In-house SEOs – If you only need to track the performance of your assets, you can get Reportz for next to nothing, or, if you make use of our referral program, literally for nothing. You can pay for one or two dashboards, allowing you to track all the metrics you are interested in, and still get the full set of features our tool has to offer


Pricing – Klipfolio offers packages that limit the number of available dashboards and users, and that don’t necessarily provide users with access to all of the tool’s features. This is not the case with Reportz. We don’t force you to pay for more dashboards than you need just so you can download your reports, get extra public dashboards, or use a different feature you might need.

White label – we provide all our users with free white-label options, while Klipfolio requires payments for dashboard customization and custom URLs; Our white label option gives you more freedom by allowing you to change customer branding on individual dashboards…

Integrations – While they do offer a greater variety of integrations, the ones we have selected provide you with all the digital marketing info you may need. Also, we offer some integrations that they don’t, like Serpstat, SE Ranking, Salesflare, Google My Business, AccuRanker and Rank Ranger.

Integration with Ahrefs

REPORTZ VS Klipfolio (what Reportz has and our competitor doesn’t):

  • Flexible pricing
  • Free white label with all packages
  • Serpstat, Rank Ranger, Google My Business, AccuRanker, Salesflare and SE Ranking integrations
  • Dashboard specific, instead of account-wide customer logo


Try out our tool for free now and instantly see how a feature-rich platform like Reportz can improve the overall quality of your reporting and eliminate all the pain from this mundane process!

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