Reportz VS Simple KPI

Why Reportz Might Be A Better Solution For You

Comparison with Simple KPI
Reportz VS Simple KPI

Not that many digital marketing campaign tracking platforms are able to compete with Reportz, but Simple KPI is surely one of the tools that can. However, Reportz is a far more affordable, all-round reporting utility that offers a mean arsenal of features, useful integrations, and high scalability to both big and small digital marketing businesses, as well as busy freelancers.

Let us show you why Reportz is a better solution for you in the long run, for those seeking:

  • Scalability
  • Full customization
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Nifty integrations
  • Free white label features
  • Fully customizable dates…

...and many more useful features in an extremely affordable yet high-end reporting tool, we are probably a much better solution for you than Simple KPI.

When it comes to pricing and the notorious ‘what do I really get for my money?’ question, Simple KPI has a rather tempting all-inclusive deal for $99 per month. Reportz, on the other hand, boasts a price of under $7 per dashboard, instant access to ALL our advanced features as soon as you buy your first dashboard AND you are free to add or delete as many dashboards as you want according to your needs.

Plus, the price per dashboard starts to decline as you add more of them, which is quite an insane deal when it comes to focusing on the big picture and saving money in the long run.

This is why Reportz is perfect for the following users:

  • Freelancers
  • Smaller digital marketing agencies
  • Large digital marketing companies
  • In-house SEOs
  • SEO resellers
  • Social Marketing Managers

Useful Features That Come With Reportz:

  • Pricing – Reportz provides mean deals in terms of flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness; We also offer a free 15-day trial!
  • Integrations – We offer a plethora of useful integrations that can be of use to professional SEO experts;
  • Customizable dates
  • Customizable number of dashboards
  • Unlimited number of widgets
  • Free white label solution
  • Cool referral program

Give Reportz a Chance!

Try out our tool for free now and instantly see how a feature-rich platform like Reportz can improve the overall quality of your reporting and eliminate all the pain from this mundane process!

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