Reportz – A Better Way to Do Client and Management Reporting

Today is an extremely important day for us. A day we have been waiting for for many months – the official release date of Reportz, our latest marketing utility.

Even though the beta version has been available for quite some time now, offered to specific partners and a limited group of outside beta testers – after months and months of hard work, continuous testing and improving, we have finally finished jazzing up the software and everything else that needed to be done in order to wrap up production.

Reportz is finally live and available to all interested parties!

What is Reportz?

Reportz is a white label reporting marketing utility, created with the purpose of removing the stress from the process, drastically speeding up the overall production of client and management reports, and increasing the general quality of everything that plays a significant role here.

Built by marketers for marketers, Reportz is one of those tools that have come into existence out of pure need.

Why Reportz?

As an agency that actively serves more than 200 clients from all corners of the globe at the same time, we have found ourselves in a situation where we were wasting ridiculous amounts of our precious time on client reporting.

Our in-house research has shown that our agency executives were spending 4 hours on average on reporting, per client.

If you run an agency of a similar size and stature, you know that this was costing us a lot of time and money. It was keeping our top talent from their actual work, buried under tons and tons of mundane tasks that needed to be completed, which was unacceptable.

And the worst of it all – this wasn’t just us. That’s the industry standard. Every independent marketing contractor and digital marketing agency out there shares our problem. They keep wasting valuable time and resources on mind-numbing activities.

It was time for a change. The wheel needed to be reinvented again.

Even though there are more than a few decent marketing reporting utilities out there, none of them were really meeting our demands. That’s when we decided to start working on Reportz. Our tool is here to help you finish your entire client monthly reporting in just 5 minutes!


How Does it Work? What are the Benefits that Come with Using this Particular Software?

The benefits of using Reportz are almost endless. Some of the key features that distinguish this tool from other reporting utilities are:

  • Custom date range reporting options;
  • Free customization and branding for client reports;
  • Custom digital marketing KPI dashboards;
  • An unlimited number of widgets;
  • Predefined templates for various standard marketing campaigns and strategies.

This is a highly-intuitive white label solution, designed to (almost) automate this exhausting process, by allowing users to access real-time data from multiple points and add their favorite marketing utilities to a single dashboard, for better and quicker reporting.

The platform is extremely easy to use and you won’t require any training to find your way around Reportz.

Once you are logged into your account, you’ll be presented with the option to create your first KPI dashboard. In order to complete this task, you’ll need to go through 5 quick steps:

  • Step 1: First, you need to add a data source. Head to the Sources page, browse through the options and select the integrations you want to add by clicking their logo. Then press the blue “Add Account” button on the right and follow the standard authorization process. If need be, enter your Account Name along with your authorization token.   
  • Step 2: You have to name your dashboard. Add your client name, website and data ranges. Once you accomplish that, be sure to protect your newly created dashboard with a password. Our suggestion is to add the domain of the website to the title itself, so you don’t forget for which client you’re creating these types of reports.
  • Step 3: Build a custom report or use one of the predefined templates that best suit your current needs and edit them a bit, if something isn’t 100% to your liking.
  • Step 4: Adjust the style of your dashboard, select its colors, upload your client logo and an image for the background. This is all optional, of course.
  • Step 5: Once you have finished doing all that, press the “Create a new dashboard now” button and you’re good to go!

As easy as pie.

From there, you can work on the details, add or remove various widgets and elements that will help your reports look truly impressive.

The Power of Reportz

The true power of this software definitely lies in all its integrations (like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Rank Ranger, etc.) and its custom widgets. Reportz allows its users to collect and display their data in any way that suits them. You can easily filter, merge, compare and present any data you need, using our custom widget builder. Getting the information you need, and in as many details as you’d like, has never been so easy.

Our tool makes it possible for marketing agencies and freelancers to combine and view an endless number of widgets at once, thus allowing them to track even the most complicated projects from a single dashboard.

Apart from that, those who use this utility can also automate the whole process for their regular clients. If you frequently work with someone on the same tasks, our software can make sure they are frequently updated as well, with literally no effort on your part. All you have to do is tell the software what and when to report to whom – and you’re done!

Amazing, right?

Reportz is truly an amazing tool that we’re extremely proud of. Every single one of our colleagues and testers who have had the opportunity to get a trial version was satisfied with Reportz. So far, we have been receiving only positive feedback. If this article has sparked any interest in our tool on your part, feel free to give it a test run. Head on down to the sign-up page and start producing amazing marketing reports today!