Integration with Google Analytics

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Integration with Google Analytics
Integration with Google Analytics

Reportz integrates with all your valued marketing utilities. Google Analytics being one of them. Our tool allows the users to present their Google Analytics data in an organized, interactive and easily understandable fashion, with many custom and neatly segmented options.

Reportz makes it possible for its users to present their site visits, page views, sessions, avg. time per page, bounce rates, new users, goal completions, goal conversions, and many other key statistics to their clients or management, so they can effortlessly keep track on their main KPIs, all in real time.

You can filter your insight by day, week or month - depending on your specific reporting needs. You can also automatize that entire process and send relevant feedback, without ever opening the tool.

Visualize your key metrics, speed up your reporting process and cut the confusion out of the equation

Regardless of what you do or in which niche you operate in - reporting is always one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle. The way on how you communicate your worth or present your success could make or break your career. It can also influence how your management and clientele feel about your work and value.

Reportz is here to help you answer some of the most important questions concerning your traffic, like:

  • How many unique visitors came to your or your client's website and why?
  • When, why and how did they convert?
  • Where did they see your link and what encouraged them to visit your site and browse around?
  • Which keywords provide the best traffic and why?
  • What are your best performing channels? Should you continue to invest in paid search or organic traffic? Is your email marketing working or not? Where does your social media strategy fit here and how well are you performing on that particular front?

Plus many more.

Integration with Google Analytics

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