Facebook Social Report Template

To use this template go to your Dashboards page and click Create Dashboard.

In this template, you will find all the basic metrics that are important for your Facebook Page.

Next, name your dashboard – we recommend using names like “Client Name Report” or “Client Name”.

Click on Start from Template.

facebook reports

From the Social Reports segment select Facebook Social General Report and click on the Create button.

facebook page reports

When the process of creating a template is finished, you will have to connect your data sources.

Connect your Facebook Social account by clicking on any widget that has “Set Data” on it.

If you don’t have any Facebook Social accounts connected, add one by clicking on the + button, or on the hyperlinked “here” text.

fb page reporting

Once you’ve finished connecting your Facebook Social account, select your:

  • Integration/Account
  • Page

fb page reports

Click on the Update button and all of the Facebook Social widgets will be automatically updated.

After connecting your source we recommend adding your own logo, as well as your client’s.

And don’t forget to delete the first explainer widget! 🙂

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